Saturday, November 8, 2014

thoughts on chico

My dear friend Chico passed away yesterday. My sense of missing him is hard to put into words. Last night, I felt him fall against my back, like he often did when he threw his body down to lie next to mine. Again, I felt him as I woke up this morning, curled up by my leg. Chico’s near constant snoring while resting and his occasional snarts (sneezefarts) will be missed. The bald spot on his tail that grew with age will be missed. I used to call it his receding tail line. The three inch scar on his right leg, where he bravely fought cancer once before will be missed. My little Frankencheekies. The way he loved to snack on cat poop will be missed. When he was my only audience as I practiced my songs and the little howls he let loose will be missed. His happy go lucky nature will be missed. His watery eyes that pointed in different directions will be missed. My little Crazy Eye Killa. The soft dark brindle in his coat will be missed. That time he turned over the garbage and rolled around in bacon grease for God only knows how long will not be forgotten. My little Stinkybutts. The way Chico used to come flying in through my window from outside will be missed. His ability to get me through thick and thin will be missed. His yawn that looked like his whole head was about to open up will be missed. His gentle and trusting nature will be missed. Most of all, I will miss Chico’s unconditional love that I have been so fortunate to receive for nearly thirteen years. If there’s a Heaven, there’s one thing I know, old Chico has a wonderful home. Rest in peace my friend. January 2002- November 2014

Saturday, November 1, 2014

stranded on the side of the road
in a bad storm so i'm told
a man and his family stop
they're on their way to santa fe

rouge rug underneath my head
fell asleep without my daily bread
tell you what
fill my cup
with your blood instead
the cat has nine lives
but i got ten
the elephant remembers
until the end
of the road
my friends
turns to black
in the pouring
it's a matter of fact
i was born to blame
and the walk
of shame
is the game
i play