Sunday, April 24, 2011

noble chanter

take your feeding tube out
let you be parched of mouth

time to get up my little boy
time to see the world's joy

the boldest chanter in the bunch
noble chords he struck with love

i've got you in my pocket
you're alright
you've got me in your pocket
i'm alright

bright red hair
socks to the knee
in his hand
he held a trophy

he traveled the world by sea and land
he was a well traveled man

i'm a no good samaritan
that makes you the chosen one


my father
he was a carpenter
he left me all alone
can't find my way home

he liked to play pool
under the light bulbs
he liked to drink beer
with no fear

asked me how the weather's been
i tell you it's doing fine
nothing to talk about
we're just killing time

this weight's too heavy
can't carry the cross
taxes they levy
people you've lost