Friday, December 21, 2012

Untitled 3

I pray with one eye open.
I pray with one eye closed.
I'm ready to go tonight.
How 'bout your soul?

She's been in my arms tonight.
Been far to long.
She's getting tired.
Rest her weary bones.

I'm on a mystery train.
Searching for the Grail.
My skin is getting pale.
My soul's in Hell.

Boo Radley.
Quiet as a mouse.
Never see him outside.
He's always in his house.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Untitled 2

Bury me deep
under the old oak tree.
Bury me deep
where i'll rest in peace.

Bury me deep
under the yellow sand.
Bury me deep
in my own homeland.

Bury me deep
under the blue-green sea.
Bury me deep
with Heaven's gate key.

Bury me deep
Under the open road.
Bury me deep
without this heavy load.

Bury me deep
under a tall cornfield.
Bury me deep
with my family shield.

Bury me deep
under a flower bed.
Bury me deep
where Jesus bled.

Bury me deep
under black-oil-soil.
Bury me deep
where there is no toil.

Bury me deep
under the open sky.
Bury me deep
where the angels fly.

Bury me deep
under Father Sun.
Bury me deep
where I started from.

Bury me deep
under Mother Moon.
Bury me deep
but not too soon.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Untitled 1

I've thrown the first stone
Broken down, Judas prone
Faces I've kissed
Birthdays I've missed

I closed my eyes
Open and to my surprise
He's grown from the seed
In her mother's womb

Too much time has passed
Her blue eyes cast
Shadow on my heart
From the time we spent apart

I've seen her laugh and play
I've seen her led astray
I've heard her father's fears
Echo loudly in her ears

I built my house on sand
Sinking in since I began
To turn my back
On all my old friends