Saturday, June 20, 2009

let freedom ring

right now there is turmoil. right now we have strife. today we sit and listen to them. who are they? who are the ones that put words in our mouths? we can/t sit idle and watch what is transpiring. the fate of mankind is at stake. there/s genocide and holocaust occurring as i type these words. there are people in trouble outside of our little bubble. get out and see for yourself. decide for yourself. we are edging to a late in the game play. do we want that? can we stand by and have our country take us to more war? iran is just the beginning of the road to destruction. they should be our friends. we/re not blessed with our ideas for nothing. we have a duty to uphold justice. unfortunately we/ve failed many of our human race. we can/t even give our own country proper health care. too many corporations have saturated this country and made it their hotbed of magma. don/t touch it because you will get burned. is it possible to reach out when we are already scorched by our own system? we/re thinking too small. we/re thinking about our little nation too much. when will we realize that the whole world is one? this isn/t outside the box. we/re in fact one people created by the most high. we/re in this together until the end. it will not come down to governments or policies. the will of God transcends every idea of the human race. God is the same God of Jews and Christians and Muslims. can we not come together on this common ground? we have a common enemy.

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