Sunday, August 16, 2009

All the Lonely Do

This is all the lonely do.
Please stay here, I'll be back soon.
Soil shifts beneath my shoes.
Please don't fight me, I want a truce.

I'll be back sometime today.
At that point, I'll have things to say.
Please be sure I'm in decay
Before you put my body away.

Just slow down, let me take a rest.
This may be my last request.
I'm only here at your behest.
Something to say, get it off my chest.

This is what I must confess:
For many a long year there's been too much stress.
Truth I'll say and nothing less.
Feel I'm getting the full court press.

Weight of the world comin' down on me
I beg of you, give me the chance to flee.
If you're so blind that you cannot see,
I suggest you pray to the Almighty.


  1. I listened to this a few times while you were in Des Moines. ;)

  2. As I read this, I can hear you singing in my head. It really carries a strong emotional message. Thank you for posting it.