Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Reaper

Who will I follow?

The only one that comes to mind

Is my brother and his wife,

To whom I’d give my life

But do I have a choice?

You put that in my voice.

Don’t leave me saying you’re only passing through.

Many things have changed since you went away.

Many things got strange when you left me that day.

Yellow drips from your lips. I wipe it away.

I’ll be here ‘till I got nothing to say.

You lay there so peacefully, looks like you’re only sleeping.

You can not be sleeping for we are all weeping.

And you do look so tired, frozen in yawn.

Your mouth looks like you’re screaming and I ain’t dreaming.

You’re gone, but I don’t know where.

Look up to the sky, and do nothing but stare.

Your answers are still needed because I have many questions.

We often butted heads, but I always took your suggestions.

It looks like your chest still goes up and down.

I’ve always had this hallucination when the reaper is in town.

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