Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Gout You Need

My homophonic translation of Baudelaire's Le Gout du Neant

Mourning spirit asteroid moves. The late latte
expires. Do not leprosy artistic tone. Order a
new vault and enforcer. The couch toy's sand powder
views Chevrolets. Do not let spies attack bought obstacles.
Resign toy, moon color; doors too similar to break.

Spirit veins, forbid. Poor toy, viewed the marauder's
glamour nap and the gout. Squash the dispute.
"Farewell dunce," chants the curve of soupier flutes.
Please, kneel tinted on color and somber at the boulder.
Pretend adorable pardons, Son.

Eat the temporary, engulf minute-by-minute.
Come late night immense encore. Press the reader.
Contemplate, then halt the globe and say rounder.
Eat the New York jet. Church and labor doom cahoots.
Avalanche, "view the Emperor then shoot."

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